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Topiary art

  • La grosse dame

    The name TOPIARY arised from the roman time. « Topiarus » was the name Pline (62-113 après J.-C) used to call his gardeners. Topiary art was already practiced at the first century. Pline’s gardeners were Egyptians and Syrians slaves and sculpted the boxwood in forms like the initials letters of their master. Roman sculpted animals and mythologics figures. The end of the roman empire was also the end of topiary art. It’s only during Renaissance that this art came back again.

    Contrary to what we use to think, Buxus Sempervirens are not the only plant used to be sculpted. A lot of others are adapted for this kind of productions : Yew, laurel, holly, cypress,...

  Durbuy, c'est aussi

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