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Blessed by the gods - en

  • Exceptional nature and landscapes
    Situated at the junction of three geological regions, Durbuy offers an astonishing diversity of landscapes. Shaped by time and the elements, the region offers grandiose and sometimes unusual panoramas, such as in Roche-à-Frêne, or the view from the cliff in the old town centre of Durbuy.

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    - The Condroz, to the northwest, with its more fertile soils, its hills and valleys. It is dotted with imposing farms with interior courtyards and abundant crop fields. The villages of Tohogne, Septon, and Borlon are situated in this region.

    - The Famenne, composed of clayish, damp, heavy soil ill-suited to agriculture, was always a more poor region, with forests of stunted trees, meagre crops, and damp grasslands. The villages of Barvaux and Grandhan are situated in this region. These impoverished lands are a refuge for flora and fauna of great biological interest. Natural reserves ("Domaine d’Hottemme", "Mont des Pins", "Petite Enneille") ensure their protection and allow us to enjoy this animal, plant, and mineral diversity.

    - The Ardennes, with its vast forests where one can find Lilies of the valley in May and bilberries in July and August, and its firm soil that only allows cattle and sheep farming. The villages between Villers-Ste-Gertrude and Wéris are situated in this region.

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    Also note the Calestienne, a narrow calcareous strip with natural terraces, that precedes the slopes of the Ardennes, with a strip of pudding stone along its crest.

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